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BancKED is the Crypto Financial solution you’ve been looking for. Our Crypto Wallet White Label Program provides secure access to cryptocurrencies, FIAT conversion, prepaid cards, and is jam-packed with interactive functions and additional features from a graphics-rich dashboard.

Welcome to BancKED® 

Your Turnkey Crypto Wallet White Label Solution 

Our clients are on every continent. In every fintech niche. With needs as varied as they are. It’s our job to disrupt the status quo and provide custom Crypto Wallet White Label Programs that enable new revenue streams, brand visibility, and financial freedom.  We do that through relentless attention to innovation, tech advances, and security. We expect, prepare for, and react quickly to the unexpected. And we are flexible, service-focused, and dedicated to producing tangible results to help you succeed. 


BancKED pushes the boundaries of the blockchain to give clients an alternative to the status quo and put their currency decisions back in their own hands. Users can trade, buy/sell, manage, convert crypto to Host Currency FIAT, and calculate currencies better than ever before. Users can make purchases across multiple currencies, transfer funds to peers, check their balances, get live market updates, and exchange cryptocurrencies. 


Best of all, the BancKED white label solution offers VISA and UnionPay cards for your clients that pave the way for expanded financial inclusion and are accepted at millions of locations across 210 countries and territories, as well as online. 

BancKED Features 

Payment Tracking & Trading Simplified 

Depth Graph

Advanced Coin Page

Private Block Folio

Coins History Data

Detailed Market Analysis

Watch List 

Heat Map 

Crypto to Fiat Conversion 

Load and Off-Load Funds Through 300+ methods

85 Global Currencies Supported

NFC Ready For Local Transactions

Peer to Peer Payments

Split Payments with Friends 

Visa and UnionPay Cards Available 

Conversion from Crypto to 28 Local Fiat Currencies 

Calculator (Crypto <==> Local Currencies)

Compliance & Administration Built-in 

Customizable Revenue plans

Advanced Admin Portal 

Multi-languages – 20

KYC & AML and Digital Identity Management

Compliant Chain For Required SST Functionality

SEC/FINRA Registration 

Google Analytics setup

Smart Contract Setup 

BancKED API Standard Integrations 

AWS Deployment 

Binance API Integration 

CoinBase API Integration

CoinGate API Integration 

Paxful API Integration

Stripe & PayPal API Integration 

Twillio API Integration 

ZenDesk API integration 



With BancKED

Decentralization has the mobile infrastructure to give those without access to traditional banking to make transactions and manage their money. Our user-friendly BancKED Financial Platform lets users store currencies, search for peer-to-peer loans, and pay bills, opening the doors to financial freedom and new opportunities. 


With BancKED Customization

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BancKED Solution 2
BancKED Solution 3
BancKED Solution 4
BancKED Solution 5
BancKED Solution 6
BancKED Solution 7
BancKED Solution 8
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BancKED Solution 10
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